Furnishing our new bedroom

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Just over three years ago we found our forever home.  The home we plan to stay in and raise our girls and the home that we knew from the second we stepped through the door was meant to be.  The location was where we wanted near to good schools and close to family.  The only thing we wanted to change was the decor inside.

We started with the girls rooms first, my eldest room may need redoing soon as her tastes have changed from the 22month old that moved in! We only have two rooms left to decorate our bedroom and the front room.  The master bedroom is next on our list.

I am going to talk more in another blog post about the planning of the room layout and the colour inspirations for the room.  There have been many changes but the room is finally starting to take shape and I am looking forward to sharing it.  Using Pinterest I have been gathering ideas for the furnishings for the room

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We have a new Super King bed from JYSK which I reviewed here and are now looking for some new bedding.  My favourite so far is this one

This beautiful bedding from Yorkshire Linen looks incredibly luxurious.  As I look at the image I want to climb in to bed, the bedding looks soft and warming.  The colours are perfect for the scheme of the room and the price allows a luxury feel at a fraction of the cost.

We have chosen our blinds from web-blinds.  We decided on blinds rather than curtains for a more modern look and to keep with the angles created within the room.  We decided upon a pattern for the blind as the walls are going to be a single colour and when closed the blind will create a focal point within the room.

The blinds arrived quickly and look much more impressive in real life.  There are simple instructions to hang them, in fact the most difficult decision was choosing the blind and which side to put the cord.  We are hoping to decorate the room by the end of the month and will then hang the blind.  I look forward to showing you the finished blind.

The feel of the room can be dramatically altered with lights.  We actually like the current ceiling light and have no plans to change it however we have decided to change the bedside lamps.

The black lampshade mirrors the main light lamp shade and the chrome matches our electrical sockets and other accessories.  Our lamps arrived together in one box, which did confuse me at first.  They add a real touch of luxury to the room and are sleek and modern in keeping with the new room design.  

Our furniture will be decided upon once we have the fitted wardrobes installed.  I shall touch more on this in another post.  As we have designed the wardrobes ourselves I would like to see what additional storage we may need after.

I am looking forward to watching the room transform and creating a luxury feel bedroom on a budget!

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