Designing a dream dining room

Before moving home we never had a proper dining room and to be honest we never needed one.  It was just the two of us and so a dining room was never a requirement.  Now we have the children it is a room we need more.  We would like the room to be a more formal space to eat our family meals at, but also a space that is welcoming for guests.

Our current home has a separate dining area, yet it is a room we have done very little to.  The solid oak floor we simply love and have never thought about replacing.  It is practical and easy to keep clean, especially with young children and dogs running around.  

Last year I purchased wallpaper with a tree design from Next.  The neutral tone of the paper means it goes well with any item, and the tree pattern I felt went well with the oak floor.  In certain lights the pattern looks almost a solid white colour and in others the pattern is a shimmering silver. 

A dining room for us needs to be comfortable, as well as practical.  High back chairs provide the comfort the girls need, and also provide comfort for myself with my back.  I love the dark grey colour of the chairs from Fishpools and as well as the high back they also look comfortable and easy to keep clean.

Stylish lighting from Wayfair would provide a timeless look and feel to the room, and also add a touch of class.  Storage is another must have for our dining room and the choice between the safer oak, which would fit in with almost any dining room set, to the more colourful sets that may become out dated quicker?  I love the more colourful set a lot more than the safer oak set.  Both are from Fishpools.  To complete the look of the room a copper clock from red candy, which is a simple piece but one which is unlikely to date.

I have been taking inspiration from the dining sets available at Fishpools.  There are sets for every taste and I have been really taken by the more casual looking sets, as they still look stylish and practical, as well as the more traditional looking sets.

What would your dream dining room look like?

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