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Last week it was half term and I had all three children at home. Little Man only attends nursery during term time so he was at home with his sisters. The weather here in Yorkshire has been warm but not sunny. You know that muggy sort of weather where it is warm enough to play out but you just wish the clouds would go away so some of the sticky heat can escape.

With the kids playing in the garden it got me thinking about how much there is still left to do. My fruit trees and vegetable patch is looking great and it was lovely watching the bees busy in the flowers. In fact every year we have bees build a hive in one corner of our garden and whilst I might be allergic to them I wouldn’t move them. They are after all very good for the garden.

It did however bring to my attention one corner of the garden. The decking which we currently have is warped and has become unsafe. We’ve had a quote to have it removed, which we are currently saving up to do, and once it has gone we are going to create a relaxing space.

The plan is to create a seating area in the corner, one that is large enough for us all to sit down together and create a real sense of outdoor living. I would love an area for us to enjoy our dinner out in the summer. A table and chairs, plus a little shade for those warm summer evenings when we get the chance to BBQ. Of course it also goes without saying we would need covers too, because we do still get rain even in the summer months. I think if we have space I would love a daybed too. I would love to relax here in the garden during the warmer weather and it may even be a space for the children to enjoy too. 

As well as furnish the area I also plan on making use of our existing fire pit, mainly to add warmth as the temperatures drop in the evening. I can imagine the children toasting marshmallows over it. There will be lights hanging from the fence panels so that even when the light drops we can still make use of the outdoor space. I cannot wait to get started on creating our outdoor living space.

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