The idea behind BIG was to transform the play equipment which had been left when we moved into our house into much loved equipment for our children.  To restore and recycle where possible and to have the children involved at all stages.  BIG is about getting out there and trying new things, becoming active and having fun.  Most importantly spending time with the girls

BIG is
  • Be willing to have a go, learn new skills and try new things
  • Invest in your children, restore and recycle where possible and have fun playing
  • Get out there, get outside and get playing, let yourself go!

All the posts for the BIG project are listed below, it has been quite a journey but more than worth it to see the smiles on my girls faces as they enjoy playing outside.  Click on an image to read more. 

the teaser

In the beginning

Starting repair works

Painting and the finished play house

Almost finished the climbing frame

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