Today my youngest daughter is 6 months old.  Where does the time go? I can't believe it to be honest I look at her and I feel so lucky that she's mine.  I can remember every second of the day she was born, can it really be 6 months?  

Looking back on what a baby achieves in the first 6 months of life really amazes me.  She can sit without support, rolls over both from back to tummy and tummy to back, loves passing things between her hands, works out where objects go when they drop, learnt to chew and eat, loves the pincer grip, loves to be tickled and to play peek a boo and makes noises in the start of communication.  The list goes on but those are a few of my favourite.  It really is amazing.  Today she even got tooth number 3, my eldest got her first tooth at 8 months and we knew about everyone, my youngest it doesn't seem to bother.

I let her celebrate her half year birthday by giving her her first chocolate biscuit, it was a Heinz one for 7 months, not a full on chocolate digestive!  She loved it and was mightily disappointed when it had all gone.

This evening celebrations we went as a family to cannon halls firework display and it was fantastic.  We saw owl flying, ferret racing, hamster racing (go Lewis hamsterton!), fire artists, a huge bonfire and an absolutely stunning firework display.  A very busy and lovely evening.  It was both children's first firework and bonfire display on this scale.  My eldest was mesmerised by the bonfire and would not leave even to watch the fireworks.  My youngest who was getting tired by the time the bonfire was lit, fell asleep watching the fire.  A perfect end to a perfect day.  Happy 6 months sweetheart.

This day I love celebrations.


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  1. Happy 6 months!!

    It really does fly my little man is 19 months and i cant believe we are coming up to his 2nd Christmas with us!

    1. It goes far too quick. It's my eldest 3rd Christmas I can't believe how much she's grown up

  2. Lovely post. You reminded me of my first fireworks display with my son now aged 11. It goes so fast, treasure every second

  3. Thank you. I hope I brought back happy memories for you..


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