Hello and welcome to This day I love, a multi award winning blog which captures all those positive moments from each day.  I started this day I love in October 2012 as a way for me to combat PND after having my second daughter and it began by documenting a positive moment from every day.  Over the past few years it has developed into more than I could have imagined.  I now work full time, and also some freelance work in photography, with an interest in birth photography.

Legoland welcome

When I am not chasing my children, two beautiful girls born in 2010 and 2012, and my son born in 2016, I can be found running!

Children and the world

My children are all very different.  My eldest loves to read and write and spends most of her time creating imaginative role plays, her dream is to be a teacher.  My youngest loves mud, water, messy play and Minnie Mouse.  Both girls love getting out and about and trying new things.  They love to travel and their favourite holiday to date has been a Disney cruise.  Little Man is a stereotypical boy.  He loves to climb everything, throw balls and hit things with big sticks!  He is a little escape artist and can escape from anywhere.  He absolutely loves things with wheels and dancing! 

J is our Jack Russell, we have had him since a puppy in 2009.  He loves bubbles and chasing balls.  J has been known to carry a ball to bed with him for safe keeping.  His other favourite past time is swimming, a skill he has only just discovered but one he loves.  Spotty dog is our newest addition.  She is a rescue dog from the RSPCA and is a Dalmatian crossed with a Patter-dale terrier, think small fluffy Dalmatian.  Spotty dog loves food and digging.  I have a garden full of random holes she has dug.  I am looking forward to taking her on our travels so she can dig on a beach. Spotty dog now lives near Brighton with my sister as she grew very nervous around the children.

Unfortunately in June 2019 J passed away. It was a real shock to us all and we all miss him very much. I want to leave the above paragraph about him as he was such a huge part of my life and blog that I feel it is only fair.

the dogs digging

This day I love was started as a way of taking the positive from each day.  To capture the day and share with the girls when they are older.  I have often been asked what category this blog falls under is it parenting or lifestyle or travel, if I am truly honest it is none of these.  This is a 'Family' blog.  It captures everything to do with family life such as Family travel, Family play, Family craft, Family fun.  I don't class it as a parenting blog as it captures much more than this.  More recently it has begun to document my running and races and is expanding much more into our active outdoor lifestyle.

I hope you enjoy reading and welcome any feedback.  If you wish to contact me please do so thisdayilove@gmail.com.  Thank you and I hope you enjoy my blog.