The sparkle I see in my children's eyes as they experience something new for the first time is simply amazing.  That sense of wonder and pure happiness is a money cannot buy feeling.  This is why we love to explore and have adventures.  To discover new places, to see new things and to have new experiences.  Most importantly to create memories.  This blog records those precious memories and a big part of it is our travels.

We do much more than travel, we immerse ourselves in our surroundings, walk off the beaten track and get out and explore.  Life is too short not to fill it full of adventures, to create stories for the children to remember and tell anyone who will listen.  Our family are always on the go and we love nothing more than discovering somewhere new.

Our Wish List

Our family has a travel bucket list:

1. To see the Northern Lights 
2. To swim/dive the Blue Hole in Belize
3. To tour the coast of Ireland
4. To stay in the ice hotel
5. To hike in the mountains in Whistler
6. Watch the sunset in Key West 
7. Swim with Turtles in the Caribbean
8. Travel in a sea plane over the Maldives
9. See the Penguins and explore New Zealand
10. Take the children to experience the magic of Orlando

Travelling with Dogs

Our dogs are very much part of our family and we love taking them with us to explore new places. Obviously this is not always possible but we are always on the look out for dog friendly places to discover, especially those that accommodate both of our dogs.

Unfortunately in June 2019 our dog J passed away.

Some of our Favourite memories