Birth Photography

When I first mention birth photography to people they look at me like I am a little crazy. What birth photography is to me is about capturing that split second moment. The moment you meet your baby for the very first time. That moment of strength in labour, that touch, that hand squeeze, that look. The moments from labour you won't remember, or won't even realise they happened. Those brand new first cuddles, first looks, that moment you and baby meet. They are gone too quickly, most first pictures are an hour or so old. So yes you can look at me like I am a little crazy, but those moments happen once and they are the most precious times you will ever have.

We document every moment in our life.  A photographer at a wedding, to capture those first moments, the first dance, the cutting of the cake, the first kiss.  We photograph our children all the way through school.  We capture the first time we fed our baby solid food, the first step and the first haircut.  We capture all these first, all these memories.  Birth photography is no different.

I am a mother to three children and a Birth Photographer based in South Yorkshire.  I have experienced long labour, quick labour and a back to back labour.  I had two children in hospital and one at home.  The photographs of my children are blurry, and a good couple of hours old.  I have no memory of my first labour as I was exhausted and suffered with PND with my second.  I wish I had had a birth photographer as I think it would help with the healing process.  

I am happy to photograph any type of delivery, including C sections, and also understand the need for privacy at all times.  I am happy to stand out the room if needed, or be more involved if asked.  I work with each couple to their needs and aim to meet at least twice before labour so to be at ease during delivery.

Each labour is unique and I do not have a set of photos that I must take.  Instead I work with a couple to meet their needs.  Some want the first cuddle capturing, others want the first feed.  I aim to capture these moments as they happen.

As every birth is unique I aim to meet twice before labour.  An initial meeting upon booking and a second meeting around 34 weeks to discuss final details.  I only book one birth at a time meaning I am on call to you 24/7 from your 38th week of pregnancy up until your baby arrives.  Please do get in touch to discuss all your birth photography needs