Advent Calender

One of my favourite times of this year is putting up the advent calenders.  I purchased for my girls an advent calender which they can keep as they grow up.  I wanted to do this so I could select what item they got on each day but also as advent calenders become more expensive it not only reduces on cost but also on waste.

My girls have a tree advent calender with pockets on for me to put things in and a bunting style advent calender with little pockets.

advent calendertree advent calender

I like that I can put whatever I want in them and it can be a selection of things.  Things I have thought about including are:

1. Chocolate/sweets - traditional
2. Books - the pockets are big enough for books, and they are big enough for a message to find a book hidden in the house
3. Small toys - perhaps a little young at the moment but great for when they are bigger
4. Money - if they are saving up for something when they are older I could put some money in the pockets
5. Tickets - either for a treat to go somewhere that day, or in door 25 a special end of advent calender treat for new year
6. Clues - to find bigger presents hidden round the house

I can find some of these items from charity shops too which also helps to re use items and raise money for a good cause.  

This day I love advent calender.  

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  1. We haven't begun this tradition in our home, yet. I really like your ideas and your's looks lovely.

    1. Thank you, it also saves the stress of finding the right character advent calender every year.

  2. what a really fantastic idea!, i love the tree one where did you get it from its great!

    1. The tree was from a local garden centre, but I have seen some in asda. The pockets are from Zulily. Hope you find one, my children love the surprise of it all


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