For as long as I can remember we always had a piano at my Mum and Dads house.  I learnt to play when I was about 4 or 5 and although it does not come naturally to me, like it does my sister, I still enjoy it.  My eldest seems to have a keen interest in music too.  I don't want to be pushy so am unsure as if to take her to music lessons just yet, but she definitely enjoys music.

Whenever we go to visit my parents she asks to go and play on the piano.  She knows how to switch the metronome on and as its an electric piano also knows where the demo button is.  I absolutely love watching her on the piano.  Instead of just hitting keys, she presses them individually and pretends to play along, whilst swaying to the demo music.  She seems to have a real flare.  

I sat my youngest on the piano stool also today and she was totally mesmerised by it all, I am wondering if she will be as interested as her sister.

girls piano

This day I love music

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  1. How sweet are your girls at the piano! My sister and I took lessons as little girls, but she was way more musically talented than I.


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