Crocodile, Cow and sweet wrappers

It has been rather a mixed day today.  The girls are still rather unsettled at night meaning my total sleep for last night amounted to 2 hours, and that was not all in one go.  With my zombie like state I felt like doing rather little today, but knew for the girls sake we needed to at least get out the house.

We took our dog for a short walk, as he is not very well at the moment.  My youngest fell asleep the second she got in the pram and my eldest chattered away with me telling me all the things she could see.  It was great to be out with them both and a wonderful way to start the new year.

Once we returned home my youngest, for reason known only to herself, decided to test out her balancing skills.  She crawled to the sofa and pulled to standing.  She promptly removed one hand and turned round whilst holding to the sofa with the other, she then let go.  With both hands up in the air by her head she grinned, wobbled for about 10 seconds and then fell down.  She thought this was so much fun that she kept doing it for about 20 minutes.  I was a nervous wreck every time she did it.  

After she had finished doing this she wanted to play with her 'bop and roll' which she absolutely loves.  I just love the concentration on her face as she hits the balls in the hole and watches them whizz round

Bop and roll

My eldest was in a crafty mood and kept asking to stick things, as she waved a glue stick at me.  So we used the left over sweet wrappers from last nights celebrations to make a 2013 sign.

sweet wrapper picture

 I have stuck this picture on the side of our fridge and then any pictures she does this year will go around this year picture.  I think the sweet wrappers give it a great textured looked.  

We also made a crocodile and a cow which I am rather proud of

crocodile and cow

After a zombie like start to the morning I am rather proud with what we have achieved today, and hope the girls have a much better night sleep

This day I love Crocodile, Cow and sweet wrappers.

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