My eldest is absolutely fascinated with Pinocchio, or 'Knock no ' as she refers to it.  She has asked me over and over again to watch it, I have lost track of the number of times over the past few days how many times we have watched it.  Today I realised what she likes, the whistling.

When Jiminy Cricket sings 'give a little whistle' today she attempted the whistle.  She then proceed to try whistling throughout the film.  

Whistle attempt 1Whistle attempt 2

She was getting rather mad at her self but kept trying.  I would love to say she managed it but not quite just a lot of air blowing.  She will do it because I know her determination to do something once she sets her mind on it, just like when she decided to walk.

This day I love Whistling 

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  1. Love her determination... mine tried whistling, realised she couldn't but decided to tell everyone she could anyway! ;)

    1. Think if she was bigger that would be her trick too

  2. I love that song too but I can't whistle one bit :(

  3. Her expressions are so cute! Pinocchio is a big favourite in our house too! :)


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