the Doctors

I do not like it when my girls are poorly.  So far 2013 has brought us several colds, flus, infections and Chicken pox.  It goes without saying that I am hoping at some time this year no one in this house is ill, would be nice!  My youngest is poorly at the moment and having failed to get her to eat or take milk for the past 48 hrs today saw a trip to the Dr.

Why is it the second you step foot in the surgery that children are almost instantaneously better?  My youngest found the baby walker in the toy box and ran off down the corridor

baby walker

Luckily its just a viral infection and another one of those bugs we can add to the list.  When I picked my eldest up from nursery, she had not come to the Dr with us.  She saw the prescription on the seat and said 'Oh no whats a matter with baby?'  I asked her what she meant and she said ' Baby poorly, baby go Dr get better, Dr give baby medicine' she then hands me the prescription.  

I find it rather amazing that my 2 year old understands the concept of what a Dr is for and more to the point recognises the prescription from any other piece of paper.

This day I love the Doctors.

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