a bit of sunshine

What a rubbish week it has been weather wise.  I think we have seen it all every day.  Wind, snow, sun, hail, rain all at one go at one point.  The sun came out today and without any other random weather it also felt nice out not too cold, so I took advantage of it!  First a walk to Grandma's House.  This is always nice because my eldest gets excited as she knows where we are going and its a nice walk through the park.

walk in the park

My youngest made the most of the fresh air and had a sleep.  

Once at Grandma's house we all played outside before dinner.  I had been sent a Sack Racing game to review and my youngest has asked me since it arrived if she can have a sack race.  It is mentioned in one of her story books we read at bed time so that and an egg and spoon race she keeps asking to play.

First we chose our colour sack from the five available

sack race

They are really lovely and bright colours and are perfect sized for both children and adults.  I thought with them made of Hessian they would be rough to the touch but they are actually relatively soft and smooth.  After selecting our colour we started to get ready

getting readygetting in the sacks

The dogs and my youngest looked on in amazement.  We lined up at the starting line

ready steady go

Then we were off.  My youngest had so much fun jumping in her sack, she is only 2 and a half and small for her age but she really enjoyed it.  

off we goall over

After the sack race we played on the swings and slides

on the slide

Before my eldest decided that she wanted to do another sack race but this time with Mummy

double sack racing

I can see the sack racing game to be a firm favourite in our house for years to come.  The sacks are really durable and strong and I believe will last for a long time.  They are really easy to store back in the very handy  bag they come in.  If it had not been time for dinner we would have stayed out and played with the sack racing for a lot longer.  It really was great family fun!

This day I love a bit of sunshine

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  1. oooo and I love sacks! What a fab thing to do x

  2. That looks like so much fun! That will keep them entertained for ages :)

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