seek and find

With a nice warm sunny evening the girls and I spent an hour outside in the garden.  My youngest decided to point at all the people walking past with their dogs


For reference when she is looking at this when she is older, she has no trousers on because she decided to pour yoghurt all down them and with it sunny and only an hour until bed we went without trousers.

My eldest decided to keep watch just in case

keeping watch

Before too long though the girls and Jasper decided that they wanted to go back inside, they were all getting tired and ready for bed.

back inside

We had a good hour outside before bed, playing and running around.  The girls got some fresh air and some fun in the sunshine.

This day I love seek and find

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  1. What lovely photos - paticularly the one of your eldest "keeping an eye on your littlest" - very reminiscent of our house! Just popped over from the Weekend Blog Hop by the way :-D


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