All she wants for Christmas....

My eldest daughter has one simple request this year for Christmas, 'Can we go on holiday please Mummy?'.  If you ask her what she wants 'A holiday please Mummy'.  

This year has been a mixed year.  One of the highlights for my daughter was spending time with her Mummy, Daddy and her sister when we went on holiday to Cornwall.  During a normal week as both my husband and I work full time we rarely get to do much as a family.  Weekends tend to be taken up by various commitments so a holiday really is a great time for us where we can spend time together.

My holiday request used to be some where I could go scuba diving.  As long as I was underwater I was happy.  I could relax and enjoy myself and generally escape.  Now all I want from a holiday is to see the girls happy.  It really doesn't matter to me if this is in the snow

eldest in snowyoungest in snow

In the sun

together in sunplaying with sand

On the beach

youngest on beach

Or in the wind

in the wind

 All I need from a holiday is to spend time with the girls and to see them happy and enjoying themselves.  

So why do we want to get away?  Simple.  A holiday gives us a break.  A chance to spend time together as a family, a chance for us to escape and unwind.  The girls love that my husband and I take a break from work and spend all our time together as a family.  We can try new things, new experiences and the girls learn and have lots of fun.

I love my daughters request for a holiday for Christmas, I am working hard to make her wish come true.

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  1. Awww hope she gets her wish. Amazing how your motivations change once you have kids isn't it? I was a Scuba Diver too before kids. Incredible times

  2. ahh hope your wish comes true. I love her idea that her Christmas wish is for a holiday. (I've always wanted to escape away at Christmas too). Love those cute photos in the snow xxx


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