Breaking the habit

A recent press release from James Villas got me thinking.  It polled 1000 people and it showed that 80% of people expect to give up on their New Years Resolutions, with 5% not expecting to last beyond 24 hours.  This week is set to be the week that most of us give up on our resolutions, with last weekend the highest drop out rate.

This got me thinking, what are the hardest resolutions to keep

The top ten are:

1. Lose weight 31.3%
2. Give up smoking 12.9%
3. Eat less chocolate 9.0%
4. Drink less alcohol 8.5%
5. Exercise more 7.2%
6. Eat healthier 3.9%
7. Be nicer to other 1.9%
8. Improve finances 1.7%
9. Stop biting nails 1.4%
10. Be happy 1.0%

Some of these resolutions will be harder to keep than others and require a lot more will power.  The general thinking is that is takes 21 days to break a habit.  It becomes easier to break a habit if it is broken down into more manageable sections.  Making little changes and doing things in steps can make resolutions easier to keep.

Eating healthy, loosing weight and exercise are in the top of all resolutions made, and as shown can be the hardest to keep.  By making some changes these can be easier to keep.  Eating healthier can be as simply as grilling foods instead of frying, or using a steam oven instead of a conventional oven.  
steam oven
By cooking in these alternative ways are also a great way to loose weight.  Looking at portion control/size, eating one less biscuit a day or even making alternative choices swapping sweet potatoes for potatoes  are also ways to help.

Keeping resolutions can be made easier therefore by making the resolution more manageable.  It also helps to have support, perhaps looking at friends  or family to help or even join a group.

What are your resolutions and how are you getting on?

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