Top 5 baby wipe uses

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My youngest daughter loves Mickey Mouse. Anything to do with Mickey, or Minnie or anything Disney really. I had an email recently about some new wipes from Huggies featuring Mickey Mouse and the email happened to come through on the day I did my weekly shop.

Although we have bought some wipes we were also very kindly sent a packet. My daughters reaction to opening her parcel was fantastic

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She is so in love with her wipes, they are for her only as they have Mickey Mouse on them.

I could write a review on the wipes but instead thought I'd share with you my favourite uses for baby wipes:

1. Cleaning hands and faces
The most obvious really but having a 2 year old who is always messy we need baby wipes. Perfect for cleaning even the stickiest mess.

2. Dogs
The dogs come in from the back garden with muddy paws and Huggies baby wipes are perfect for wiping their muddy paws before they get mud all over the house

3. Car
I use baby wipes to wipe down the dashboard in my car. As well as my seat and the rest of the interior of the car. Huggies wipes fit perfectly in my door pocket so they are always on hand to give the car a wipe

4. Leather sofa
We have a leather sofa at home and often the girls get sticky fingers on it. Huggies baby wipes are soft enough to cope with cleaning our leather sofa without causing damage and strong enough to remove the dirt

5. Taps
If you leave a baby wipe to dry out it creates a wonderfully soft cloth. This cloth is perfect for polishing chrome and in particular bath room and kitchen taps. As its dry you can even use it to polish chrome light switches.

They are my Five favourite uses for baby wipes, what are yours?

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  1. I love baby wipes and use them for everything.....They have so many uses :) x

  2. I use baby wipes for cleaning woodwork and skirting boards :-)

  3. they are also good for putting a shine on black shoes!


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