Day out with the Dogs

A little while ago I ran a giveaway for Dogfest tickets.  I had never heard of Dogfest prior to this but upon reading about it knew I wanted to attend.  It is rare that an event like this comes along that you can take both dogs and children to.  

The girls were very excited and looking forward to the bouncy castle and seeing all the dogs.  The weather was not great, in fact it was light showers but this did not dampen our spirits.  The dogs were equally excited.

We arrived at Dogfest and began wandering around all the different stalls.  There were so many stalls selling most things for dogs and lots of dog charities.  It was lovely to catch up with Doodle Dogs and see their new products.  

Dogfest had lots of things for the dogs to try, diving [they refused it was too cold], fly ball and agility.  Both took to agility really well and it is something I would love to pursue further with them.

Spotty dog at agility

J however proudly showed his skills at finding tennis balls.  He stood patiently by several boxes containing tennis balls until we got them out for him.  At the Nerf Stand however he got very excited and knocked over the display boxes forcing me to buy him a new ball.

J and his new ball

Both the girls and the dogs had a lovely day out and we will be keeping our eyes open for Dogfest next year.

This day I love  Day out with the dogs

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