Review : CleverstiX

When I first saw CleverstiX I had a little bit of a panic.  They asked me to take part in their jelly bean challenge and I was really worried.  I cannot and never have been able to hold chop sticks, but in the spirit of things I decided to give them ago.  I was amazed, I could use CleverstiX straight away and that had me really impressed.

CleverstiX are from age 3+ and are dishwasher safe.  For children they appear toy like, which is great because it makes meal time fun.  Both of my girls love CleverstiX and have used them for a variety of foods, even cereal [although not the milk I might add].  

CleverstiX do more than make meal time fun.  They aid in improving hand-eye coordination, dexterity and concentration.  CleverstiX can, if you wish, also be used for game playing and sorting.  CleverstiX are loved by both my girls, I think the Hello Kitty design helps too!

We were provided with CleverstiX to review, all words are my own opinion

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