The travelzoo survival kit

As a parent whose children are in school I fall into what is know as the 'parent trap'.  It is difficult juggling school and family life and it often feels like a choice has to be made between if you are able to have a holiday or not.

The cost of a holiday in term time is considerably cheaper than in the school holidays.  Those at private school endure a few weeks of these cheaper prices before the rest of the schools break up, but isn't this slightly unfair?  Everything becomes more expensive during the holidays, theme parks, days out, it is not just related to the travel industry.

As a parent therefore I often feel trapped.  Why should I not be allowed to spend quality time with my children?  Why should I be denied this because I simple cannot afford to take my children during the holidays, yet the same holiday I can afford in term time?  I scan the Internet for hours looking for deals either by booking early or booking really late so as to avoid holidays in term time.  I also however fully understand why some people do take their children out of school.

Travelzoo have been conducting research into the 'parent trap' and are looking at ways to make it easier for parents to be able to afford a holiday during the school holidays.  They have made huge leaps in airport passenger tax for children.  It was incredibly interesting to be able to listen to the work they are doing and the research they are undertaking.

One area they have conducted research into with over 2000 parents, is making the journey less stressful.  For us I always take colouring books, pencils and a story book on any journey.  They are my must have to ensure the girls are kept entertained.

I was given one of the survival kits on my way home and under strict instructions not to open, but to let the girls open.  I kept my promise

travelling with the survival kit

The girls were in bed when I got home, so the next morning they had a real treat before school.

girls and the survival kits

They eagerly opened up their cases and were very happy

girls opening the survival packs

Each case contained travel essentials

Baby wipes
Head phone splitters
Healthy snacks
colouring book
activity book
first aid kit

The girls not only love the contents, which are all very much essentials for any travel, but also love the cases.  Now when they go to sleep at Grandma house they back their travelzoo case with essential items for their baby.

I am looking forward to seeing the latest developments with travelzoo and the parent trap.

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