A colourful flying visit

A few months ago I posted in my running update about the 5K run or dye which I had entered into.  I could not believe that the event was finally here, when I booked August seemed a long way away.  Run or Dye includes everyone and with my eldest daughter wanting to run, she accompanied me on the course.

The course at Castle Howard was very hilly, but incredibly beautiful.  My eldest was amazing, she runs at full sprint then walks to catch her breath before running at full speed again.  It took about 45 minutes but she loved it and loved running through the rainbows.

After the run or dye run

As this was a fun run there were no medals at the end.  My daughter did not know that I had signed her up for the Virtual runner kids medal and at the end of the race I presented her with her medal.  She asked why no one else had a medal and I said it was because she was the best 4 nearly 5 year old who ran today.  She was very pleased. 

eldest with running medal

Our journey home took us past the airfield where my Dad has been building a plane.  Having last seen the plane as a shell I was keen to take a look, and I think the girls were excited too.  I am so proud of my Dad for building a plane, it is amazing to look at and it flies beautifully, incredibly smooth.  It is hard to recognise the shell it once was.  The girls loved having a grand tour and although they desperately wanted to fly we thought it best to wait until they are a little bigger.

the girls in the plane

Watching the girls in the plane with my Dad reminded me of me and my sister doing the same when we were younger.  A colourful family weekend

This day I love a colourful flying visit. 

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  1. Fab stuff! I have the same medal ready for my girl who wants to run 5k this month - it may take some time as she has only run around the field with me once!


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