Breastfeeding week

This past week has been Breastfeeding week.  My social media channels have been filled with images of breastfeeding babies and the arguments surrounding bottle vs breast feeding.  Whilst I breast fed both my daughters I honestly hand on heart wish I had bottle fed my eldest.  I felt pressurised into breast feeding her, completely guilt tripped by a health team who played on my hormonal state and was told by one midwife 'Under no circumstances feed her formula, you will stretch her stomach and cause irreparable damage'.  

I used to spend all my time feeding her and if I was not feeding her I was expressing.  I really struggled with expressing and was lucky if I managed 1oz.  As you can imagine every drop was precious to me and yes I did cry over spilt milk.  Expressing was messy, first into a container, then into a bag.  Then when ready warm up and into a bottle.  Each time loosing precious drops.

I would have loved to have had an express and go from Tommee Tippee

express and go

Express and go allow you to express directly into a pouch which can then be attached to the bottle.  This means no mess, no pouring and no loss of milk.  Perfect if like me you struggled to express.

I guess breast feeding week has made me reflect on my time feeding my girls and if I was to do it again I would formula feed my eldest.

I have not received compensation to write this post, however I am a Tommee Tippee Mumbassador. 

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