Chatsworth Country Fair

When we were invited to Chatsworth country fair I think we underestimated just how big it was going to be.  We had been to Country fairs in the past but nothing on this scale.  I was excited at the prospect of meeting Mary Berry who was attending the show, and the girls were just as excited as seeing Katy Ashworth from 'I can cook'.

The girls spotted the helter skelter and big wheel from the car park and so after lunch we headed straight over to them.  The girls loved all the traditional fun fair rides, chair swings, helter skelter and the carousels.

After the fair ground we decided to take a walk amongst the stores and see the items on sale.  There was everything from flat caps, to plants, wooden heaters and some amazing wooden houses.  The girls even picked out a kennel for each of our dogs.

There were hundreds of trade stands, craft stalls and food stalls to look at.  The festival of food had a huge variety of foods to try, the girls got their first taste of Um bongo and their eyes lit up when they saw the fudge and cake stalls.

After sampling some delicious food we decided to watch some of the shows and displays on offer.  There was something for everyone Daredevil horseback riding, Dog shows, Parachute display teams and my favourite the aeroplane aerobatic team.  The girls however wanted to watch the highland dancing.

Our action packed filled day did not end there though.  We watched the ladies spinning on the spinning wheel, spoke to the lovely people at the stick makers guild, listened to the clay pigeon shooting and watched the dogs swim in the river.  The girls even got to try an obstacle course and my youngest was so incredibly proud of herself for completing it.

We returned home after an amazing action packed day, and tucked into some heavenly home made cake!

Oh and in case you are wondering yes I did get to see Mary Berry although it is probably one of the worst photos I have ever taken

An amazing day at Chatsworth Country fair and we shall be returning next year

This day I love Chatsworth Country Fair

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