The Subway 5K

My first marathon is in 3 weeks time and the number arrived this week.  To say I am getting nervous is perhaps an understatement!  In my original training plan I had planned to run the whole marathon, however training over the school holidays did not happen as I would have liked.  This pregnancy has knocked me a little for six, my other two I never had nausea or sickness and I do not remember feeling this exhausted.  

My training and plan have took a new direction.  I am still going to do the marathon but I am taking it at a different pace.  My body is adjusting to running pregnant, the second I set off it is as if all the blood from my head drains away.  I feel really sick and light headed, to add to this my right hip has started playing up.  The marathon will still happen but instead of a sub 4 hour time I had originally planed on I am now aiming for 5-6 hours and I know I can do it.  If you would like to sponsor me it would be appreciated.  

Once a week I take part in Park run which means I get a 5K run every week, this is really helping to keep up my fitness levels although it is harder running pregnant.  I also have a few extra runs planned in with the girls to increase my training.

This week saw the Subway Healthy Hearts Family 5K.  This 5K was designed for the whole family, you could run, walk, buggy push or a combination.  No time limit and the only real rule was to enjoy yourself.  

Denzel the school mascot joined us for our family 5K and the girls were eager to get going.  First though there was the all important task of face painting

We decided that my eldest would run with her Daddy and I would run with her sister.  They sped off into the distance and my youngest and I ran as fast as her little legs would take her.  At the end of the course was some fun inflatable objects which she loved

My eldest was waiting for us at the finish line which we crossed in a time of 54 minutes and 6 seconds, not too bad for those little legs of hers.

The girls and Denzel each got a medal and a Subway packed lunch.  We picked a spot on the grass and sat down to have a picnic, the perfect way to end a 5K.

This day I love the Subway 5k

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