National Taco Day

Today's dinner had been planned in advance for it is National Taco day and it would be rude not to have Taco for dinner!  Santa Maria had kindly provided us with Taco Shells, seasoning and Salsa for National Taco day.

The girls had never had Taco before but they love the 'picnic' style of eating and always tend to eat more this way.  We set out the Taco shells, meat, cheese and veg along with the Salsa and let them help themselves

Without prompting the girls said the Taco looked liked ducks and promptly started making duck faces and duck impressions.

The girls certainly enjoyed dinner.  Making up their own taco and having fun whilst they did so.  We had empty plates all round.

A quick and simple dinner that everyone enjoyed.  We certainly enjoyed National Taco day!

This day I love National Taco Day

Thanks to Santa Maria for providing the Taco kit, all words are my own opinion 

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