Things arrived for Thing 3

Thing 3 is feeling very loved this week.  Items have started to arrive for Thing 3 and once Thing 3 has arrived we will be doing some more in depth reviews of some of them


Whilst not specifically for Thing 3 we had a wonderful package arrive from the Forestry Commission.  Within the package was a wonderful wooden toy.  Thing 3 will love this and it is currently the only toy Thing 3 has

Both my girls have baby books which I have recorded the milestones in.  Everything from their first smile to their first day at school.  I love the milestone cards as they record everything that is in my daughters books, but in a different way.  The images of Miffy are colourful and each one represent the card.  
When Thing 3 arrives I will be taking their picture with each of the cards and sharing the milestone on my Instagram feed.  I will then have a photo and the milestone card to place into Thing 3 memory box for when they are older.  This is going to make a wonderful keepsake and I cannot wait to share.

Maverick Books

Maverick books have just launched a new range of board books.  The girls already love the Hedgehugs stories and these two new board books are based on the Hedgehug stories.  The stories have been shortened and the illustrations changed slightly but this makes it perfect for younger readers and fro Thing 3.  

I love that Thing 3 is building up a book collection as reading is something we all love.  The Maverick Books are also gloss laminated so I know that if Thing 3 has sticky fingers the pages can be wiped clean.


SlumberSac specialise in baby and toddler sleeping bags.  Sleeping bags replace the use of blankets and sheets.  My girls used to kick of blankets and wake up cold and sleeping bags were a great way to combat this.  The SlumberSac is in neutral colours, as we don't know if Thing 3 will be a boy or girl.  I have also selected a light weight tog, as it is easier to add additional clothes to Thing 3 should the room become cold, and this also means it will be useful for summer months.  I am looking forward to Thing 3 sleeping in their SlumberSac.

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