Holidays are coming

My youngest was rather excited when I picked her up from school today.  She has her nativity this week and in preparation they have been decorating the class room.  I think they must have been talking about Christmas at school too as the second we walked in the door she wanted to know where her advert calendar was.  

The girls advert calendars are cloth and each year I buy little treats to put in them.  It means I can add little gifts in addition to the usual chocolate.  My youngest has also clicked on that when the advert calendars appear it also means we get to make reindeer food ready for Christmas eve.

Every Christmas eve the girls sprinkle reindeer food outside to help Father Christmas find our house and for the reindeer to have something to eat whilst they wait for Father Christmas to deliver the girls presents.  Reindeer food therefore has to have several components:

1. Something for the reindeer to eat
2. Something to help guide Father Christmas to our house
3. Snow [it is Christmas after all]

Therefore this is how we make Reindeer food ready for Christmas eve:

1.  Make indoor snow.  Indoor snow is really easy to do and requires cornflour and vegetable oil, you can read more about it here.  We often have indoor snow ready made as it is a favourite of the girls to play with.

2. Add oats, this is the food for the reindeer.

3. Add glitter.  The moonlight makes the glitter sparkle so that Father Christmas can find our house.  You can use any colour glitter you like, we use red as the girls know Father Christmas likes red.

You can adjust the quantities to suit, we only use a few teaspoons as we do not need much.  Once made we keep in a sealed container ready for Christmas eve.

On Christmas eve the girls love to sprinkle the reindeer food outside ready for Father Christmas.  It has become a tradition like leaving the special key outside.  Both girls are now getting very excited now the reindeer food is made!

This day I love holidays are coming

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