I wish......

The weather outside is gloomy and stormy
making me wish I was somewhere rather hot and sunny
Instead I am stuck watching the trees get blown
and left to have a rather good moan

Moaning about the Great British Weather
thinking that it is going to make everything better
wishing instead for at least 300 days of Sunshine
and a place that will guarantee all a fantastic time

I wish I could be sat out in the Algarve sun
Eating ice cream and having lots of good fun
Watching the kids running into the Sea
instead of feeling cold and rather unhappy

I wish I was staying in a Villa plus villa
with a private pool and near to Praia 
I wish I could sit out in the Sun all day
not looking at a sky that is dark and grey

Last time we went we visited Lagos
restaurants galore and some very big yachts
A marina to watch the evening sun set
A memory we will never ever forget

The girls loved Portugal ever so much
they want to go back and talk over lunch
about the things that they saw and things that they did
especially the water parks where they splashed and slid

There is no shortage of things that we could be doing
An Algarve villa would never get boring
Whisk me away to this great coastal location
Let’s book for next year this amazing vacation

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