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As 2015 draws to a close I am reflecting on the interior design projects that have been completed, those that are still to be done this year and those that will be completed in the future.  The arrival of Thing 3 in the early part of 2016 has of course altered the course of our interior design projects and plans but nevertheless we have still accomplished a fair bit.

My main aim this year was to design a luxurious feeling bedroom on a budget.  I originally planned the room with walk in wardrobes but after several design consultations this had to be changed.  It was decided that this would simply make the master bedroom too small, and now as I reflect on this decision I can honestly say it was the correct one to make.

Our master bedroom has been completed transformed and you can read about the transformation here.  One of the biggest transformations in the room is the wardrobes, which I still look at and admire.  Every time I walk in the bedroom I feel proud that it is my room.  From the gorgeous super king size bed to the beautiful blind.  I love every part of it, and cannot wait for the paint to arrive so I can finally complete the room.

The only part of the room I did not change was the lights.  Whilst I put new bedside lights the main feature light stayed the same.  It is part of the plan in 2016 to change the light to a new one and we are currently drawn to the Artemide collection.  For now though the light will remain as is.

As Thing 3 will be making their appearance in the New Year one of the rooms originally not due for a transformation now needs to be converted to a nursery.  The main aspect of the room to be changed is the flooring.  Currently there is a very dark carpet in there which to be blunt is horrible.  I really want to put some laminate down as it is much easier to keep clean with a baby.  The paint has been chosen and all the furniture is ready to go in.  All that is missing is soft furnishings and blinds.  There is not enough wall space for curtains so it has to be a blind.

On the list for this year, although it may now be pushed into next, was to refresh my eldest daughters bedroom.  Her room was one of the first to be decorated.  The furniture is fine but the walls really need a new coat of paint.  Her eczema is also triggered by dust and so one of the biggest changes I want to make in this room is the flooring.  Again taking out the carpet and replacing with laminate which I hope will improve her skin.  The final change in her room is the light.  She still has the same lamp shade she had from a baby and she could really do with something more modern.  I am currently looking through the collection on Lampcommerce to find one for her. 

Next week sees perhaps one of the final interior design projects of 2015.  The front room is finally going to be decorated after living here for three years.  The paint and wallpaper have arrived and this weekend the plasterers are coming to fix the damaged ceiling.  I am really looking forward to this transformation and finally making the front room ours.  The long term plan here is to add a log burner.  The previous occupier had one in but replaced it with an electric one to sell the house.  The log burner is on the top of my wish list at the moment but it will probably 2017 before we save up for one.

The girls are very lucky that they have a playroom.  When Thing 3 arrives I can see us spending a lot more time in here and I would like to brighten the walls up with some new paint and a feature wall.  This is another plan for early 2016.

Before finding out we were expecting Thing 3 we had planned to do our en suite and main bathroom in 2016/2017.  However we have had to put this plan on hold.  This hasn't stopped me planning, designing and day dreaming about a new bathroom.  I have many boards on Pinterest full of ideas and inspirations for a new bathroom and en suite, although many of them are secret at the minute.  

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