The weekend Beat Baby came to visit

The weekend before our Bluestone holiday my youngest daughter was given the honour of looking after Beat Baby, the nursery mascot.  This was a big responsibility but one which my youngest was really looking forward to.  First one the list of fun with Beat Baby was a picnic with one of my youngest best friend.

The girls and Beat baby had lots of fun, played lots of games and of course enjoyed their picnic.  It was however soon time for dancing lessons.  My eldest had won a moustache in a cracker at school and so insisted on wearing it for the rest of the day.

Beat Baby decided to unwind with a trip to the local paint a pot shop and took a liking to the Dr Who models.  I think Beat Baby has good taste.

Beat Baby had picked a good weekend to visit as we were taking part in the Santa dash, which of course meant that Beat Baby met Father Christmas!

The Santa dash was a 1.5mile circuit which took me over an hour to do, last year I did it in 8 minutes.  Beat Baby even made it into our family photo afterwards.

Our final festive fun with Beat Baby was to make gingerbread biscuits for the girls teachers.

We were rather pleased with our gingerbread baking!  The whole house smelled fantastic too!

This day I love the weekend Beat Baby came to visit 

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