A change of plans

I think the girls have had a tiring week, you can almost tell that half term is around the corner.  With no parties for either of them this weekend we decided to simply stay at home.  I think the girls just need a few days to unwind, relax and not have to go anywhere.  They did however want to play out in the garden and so we planned to stay outside all day.  The weather had other plans and after the hail refused to stop we were forced to come back inside.

It was by this point mid afternoon and the girls asked to watch a film.  Not something they normally request, I gathered it was because they were tired, and agreed.

girls watching a film

Having recently watched 101 dalmatians we decided to watch 102 dalmatians.  Both girls sat and watched intently with my youngest asking lots of questions as she always does.  They both seemed to really get involved with the film and there were a few nail biting moments.

nail biting moments

It was not just the girls who seemed to be engrossed with the film, spotty dog also seemed to really enjoy it!

spotty dog

This day I love a change of plans

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  1. I love all the photos, so cute. I just love candid shots! :) At the end of the week, my 5-year-old daughter is utterly exhausted. I'm actually glad when we don't have anything planned either, just so she could have a rest and then she complains that she's bored ;) #animaltales.

  2. lovely to spend some time together without feeling the need/pressure to have to go out for entertainment,

  3. That's a lovely change of plans and that's a gorgeous photo of spotty dog too :)

  4. love the photos, Master and Miss EE have just finished reading 101 Dalmations so that is the basis of most of their games for the moment.

  5. That's one of mine and the kids favourite movies! I love that the dog was enjoying it too!

  6. Aw, your spotty dog is gorgeous and I am so pleased you added him/her to #AnimalTales.


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