A chocolate messaging service, a great way to say thank you

When Baby boy was born 7 weeks ago we received some really beautiful and thoughtful gifts.  I love that our friends and family had put thought into the gifts they sent and that they wanted to send something for baby boy.  

I am very appreciative of anything anyone gives to us and feel that I should send thank you cards.  I also like to personalise these were possible and make them unique or at the very least extra special.  I came across Morse toad on my hunt for thank you gifts and liked what I saw.

Morse toad is a chocolate messaging service, yes that is correct a chocolate messaging service.  You can either select from a wide range of messages or create your own bespoke message.  Along with this you can add a photo and a personalised note.  Your order is then sent in the post and fits through the post box.

I loved this idea and armed with a discount code I set about ordering some chocolate messages.  The ordering process is really easy to do and I was pleasantly surprised at how many pre written messages were available.  There was something to suit the majority of tastes, and I have to confess to ordering for a rather fussy persons birthday present.

It was really easy to add a photo and it certainly gives it the personal touch.  Our Morse toad order arrived really quickly and was well packaged.  I loved opening up the boxes to reveal the message inside and also the addition of a photo.

As for the chocolate, well that disappeared rather quickly!  

Morse Toad has certainly got the thumbs up from us.  There is something for every occasion and we love that you can create your own personalised message too.  I wonder if anyone will use Morse Toad to announce a pregnancy or even ask someone to marry them?

Thanks to Morse Toad for providing a discount code.  All words are my own opinion and I did also use some of my own money to purchase other items.

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