Finding Dory

SEA LIFE Manchester has teamed up with Disney•Pixar to enable its visitors to share in the antics of this summer’s highly anticipated blockbuster, Finding Dory. Visitors will be led on an interactive trail by one of the new Disney•Pixar movie’s star sea creatures, Hank (voice of Ed O’Neill), a cantankerous Octopus.  We made our way across the tops to be one of the first try and find Dory.

Disney•Pixar’s Finding Dory tells the story of Dory’s quest to find her own family, with the help of Nemo and Marlin and new characters like Hank that she meets at a Californian marine rehabilitation centre and aquarium.

My youngest was unable to attend so it was my eldest and Little man who tried to find Dory.  My eldest carried her activity sheet with her as we went on the trail and in each tank we looked for Dory

As we followed the trail we collected more and more clues to complete our mystery word.  Little man was simply mesmerised by all the different fish, and although we had not yet found Dory we did find Nemo.

There were huge screams of delight and an eager shout of 'Look, Look' my eldest found Dory!

After walking around Sealife we also managed to complete the trail and gather all the clues.  We filled in our book and my eldest collected a very special prize.

Whilst at Sealife Centre we decided to make the most of our day and visited Legoland Discovery centre which is next door.  I realised when I got home that I had forgotten to take any photos whilst in there but we did come away with more Lego for our ever growing collection.

My eldest had been really well behaved all day and so as a special treat we went for milkshakes.

It was a wonderful day and we finished it by riding some of the fairground rides outside Sealife.

A perfect day out and a great way to start our summer holiday

This day I love Finding Dory

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