An evening of woodland activities

It was a rather early start for me today after a very unsettled night with Little Man and truth be told I really did not want to get up.  After dragging myself out of bed I got myself ready and headed to parkrun.  I am so pleased I did as it was such a lovely morning

My time was one of my slowest, although on a plus side the fastest this year [also my first this year!] but it left me feeling ready for the day ahead.  I had planned an afternoon of sensory play but unfortunately J had other ideas.  

J was rather poorly on the way back to the car and as a result I took him to the vets.  We spent the majority of our afternoon in the vets, and when I did return home it was nap time for Little Man so sensory play had to wait until the evening.

Our sensory play was inspired by our new book from Maverick books, Woodland Hedgehugs activity book.  The book is full of facts about the woodland and has lots of different activities.  There are things to make, playdough ideas and recipes, games to play, puzzles to solve and even scavenger hunts to complete.  Woodland Hedgehugs activity books has something to do whatever the weather and ideas that can be adapted for different ages.

My original plan was to go on a scavenger hunt, but due to the trip to the vets it was dark when we sat down to play.  We then wanted to make playdough so we could create animal tracks in it, but I was missing a few ingredients.  The girls then decided to make their own woodland creatures using beads.

After creatures the girls moved on to leaves and flowers, my youngest remembering the Hedgehug story with the hedgehogs rolling in blossom to make themselves beautiful and wanted to replicate this herself.

My youngest spotted creating woodland animals in the book and she wanted to make an owl.  We have an owl in the woods in our garden and we hear him every night.  I think the desire to make an owl was formed on this.

She took a lot of care with her owl.  Thinking about what colours to use and how she wanted it to look.  We have never seen the one that lives in our garden only heard it so she went on the ones she had seen in the book.  When she had finished she requested two things, the first was a photo and the second was more cardboard tubes.

Both girls soon became very busy.  My youngest started looking for white crayons as she wanted to make a badger.  Much to her annoyance we didn't have any so she made a pink badger instead.  In fact the girls got so creative we soon had a woodland of animals!

The Woodland Hedgehugs activity book inspired an afternoon/evening full of creativity and fun.  The girls are now frantically wanting to save all cardboard tubes to make more animals and cannot wait to pick another activity out of the book to do.

Thanks Maverick for sending us Woodland Hedgehugs activity book, the girls have had loads of fun and I cannot wait to see which activity we do next! 

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