11 month update

Seriously where is the time going!

One month to go and he is 1!!  Given the short month of February he is one in 28 days, I really need to plan a birthday party for him.

Little Man has 6 teeth and seems to be getting some at the back.  He has had a very snotty and poorly few days with is fingers constantly in his mouth.  Fingers crossed they come through soon and we can all get some sleep.

These little hands are now waving, when he wants to, and pointing at things.  He loves to stick his finger into holes so I have to watch him with plug sockets, something his sisters never did.  He also has an obsession with screws and tries to turn them with his finger.

His sisters also never bothered with my cupboards but he is forever opening them up.  I need 10 different pairs of arms to clear up the mess and stop him opening another all at the same time!  I do love his inquisitive nature though.  He has worked out how to change all the settings on the washing machine whilst it is on, discovered that there are flashing lights on the printer so he switches it on and what is it with Xbox and children?

Little Man eats everything.  I do mean everything.  He is very independent though and always wants to feed himself.  His favourite food is grated cheese, he will grab and put in his mouth faster than you can grate it.  He loves raspberries but mainly because they have a hole he can put his finger into!

We no longer have bottles during the day and are on to two cups of milk instead.  He can drink from an open cup but he does have a tendency to throw the cup when he feels like it.  He will also drink anything that resembles a cup!

His eyes have started to go a little darker but they are still blue.  I think they are going to be a green colour, which is still very different from the rest of the family.  He is also almost at the point where he needs a hair cut as his hair is starting to get in his eyes. 

 Little Man plays very different to his sisters too.  He will sit and concentrate on one toy and play only with this one toy.  He likes to sit and watch his sisters play and whilst he will not do it at the same time he will come back later and do exactly what they did.  He very much observes and absorbs his surroundings.

He also has an obsession with the treadmill, although I have never switched it on with him near he seems drawn to it.  Perhaps the sign of a future runner!

 Little man also really loves water and so bath time is one of his favourite times.  He loves splashing and tries to see how high the water will go.  He has also learnt that standing followed by a sit will result in a large splash!

His bond is very different with each of his sisters, but he loves them both fiercely.  They love him and spend ages playing with him.  Although now he is on the move they also spend a lot of time moving things out of his reach, chasing him or picking him up.  He does sometimes prefer his own space and will let you know by gesturing with his hands for you to go away.   Recently he has started lifting his arms when he wants picking up which I find really sweet.

We always have a dance over lunch time and I think this has given Little Man a passion for music.  He has worked out how to switch on his sisters keyboard so he can have a dance to the music.  His legs move and his bum wiggles and it is such a cute thing to watch, occasionally you also get a head shake!  The Countdown theme tune is also one of his favourite things to dance to and I really must remember to video this!

I love spending every day with him.  He is such a joy to be around and such a happy baby.  He amuses himself with his toys and the games he plays.  Loves to find his reflection and is so chatty.  I cannot believe that my Little Man is almost 1 and almost a toddler!

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