In the Night Garden party for the NSPCC #PicnicParty

On 20th August we will be taking part in an In the Night Garden Picnic party to raise funds for the NSPCC.  We have registered to take party and received a rather special picnic box.   The girls are very excited by our picnic party and are already deciding what buns and cakes they are going to make.  We have everything from iggle Piggle cupcakes to Makka Pakka buns.  I think their creative ideas are wonderful and am looking forward to bringing them to life.

Our picnic box contains some fantastic activities too, so we know our guests will be entertained.  I have also got some In the night garden themed party items, cups, plates etc. to turn this into a real In the Night Garden party.  We are going to be going on our very own treasure hunt with the Pontipines and we are planning on having lots of bubbles in the garden too.

In exchange for fundraising the NSPCC have some fantastic goodies available:

- Raise £5 and receive a set of thank you notes for your guests

- Raise £20 and receive thank you notes, an In the Night Garden magazine and a Pontipine Picnic board book

- Raise £60 and receive thank your noted, magazine, Pontipine book and a personalized mini animation

- Raise £125 and receive thank you notes, magazine, Pontipine book, mini-animation, an Igglepiggle blanket and a set of In the Night Garden cuddly toys

- Raise £200 and receive thank you notes, magazine, Pontipine book, mini-animation, Igglepiggle blanket, cuddly toy and In the Night Garden bedroom set

- Raise £250 and receive all of the above and get family tickets to In the Night Garden Live 2018

The girls are hoping to raise as much money as possible as every amount really does help.  £5 could answer a call to the NSPCC helpline from an adult who’s worried about a child, £60 could pay for the Speak Out. Stay Safe. programme to reach 20 primary school children and £200 could answer 50 calls to the Childline service from children who feel like they have nowhere else to turn.

To sign up to host your very own Picnic party and receive your free pack please go to 


We are really looking forward to our Picnic Party this weekend.  We have had a horrible week with Little Man having to be admitted into hospital.  We cannot wait to have some fun with our friends and raise lots of money for the NSPCC.  If you would like to donate our Just giving page is

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