Making the most of the January sales

Is it just me or does anyone else feel like they were stuck in January nearly forever?

January has been a very busy month. I am in the process of a huge declutter, I still have quite a way to go but it does feel good to tidy up. In the declutter process I am also trying to organise and sort more, as well as finish off a few pieces in my office. Having made the most of bargains in the January sale, mainly from B&M stores, I have picked up several photo frames and storage baskets all helping with the tidying.

In my office I am wanting to display my running achievements and so have purchased several frames to display the maps of the runs I have completed. I also found in the sale a large frame with multiple photo spaces allowing me to display my running quotes which I purchased from the running show and some of my favourite photos.

I love that my office is finally coming together with the last few finishing touches. Having my photos and quotes on the wall makes me feel like the space is my own and a way to celebrate achievements. It has also got the girls talking about their next adventure too!

I still have a few bits I want to do. I need a new medal hanger for one, and I have to finish sorting the cupboard upstairs which still holds a few of my office things. Hopefully it won't be much longer before it is all together and finished. 

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