January 2019 - Running update

I've decided that January is officially a bonus month. A month that doesn't really count. Last year I ended on tired legs, proud I managed to completed 9 marathons and 3 ultras but ever so tired. The build up of miles had really took it out of me and so I had decided after my last marathon in mid December to have a rest over Christmas. 

The problem was the rest kind of continued into the new year. The first week of January the girls were on school holiday so I also decided to take that week as a rest week. I struggled to get motivated and with my first race at the end of March I felt I had nothing to work for. My eldest daughter wanted to continue parkrun and decided that this year she wanted to complete the alphabet challenge. A parkrun for every letter of the alphabet. Those runs with her on a Saturday and a little challenge to focus on kick started my training.

For some reason I have struggled with running in January. Perhaps it is the aftermath of last year still, or maybe its a mental battle but for whatever reason I am finding it hard work. 

My eldest and I spent the day together at the National running show. I think it came at the right time and after it I put a plan in place for some proper training for Brighton. 

The problem is when you put plans in place in January the weather tends to screw them up. Not to be deterred and with some new found fire I have still been out in the ice and snow.

I have also stopped stressing over certain runs on given days. I move my training around my kids and it seems to work a lot better. It is also great having friends as crazy as you who come on long runs with you in the week. It has meant I have not had to give up all my weekends to long running and can spend more time with the children. Finding that balance was hard work last year but I feel that slowly it has started to come together.

In addition to running I have also tried to step up the cross training. Fitting this is is tricky and so I try to do two sessions a week, in addition to hoop and stretch class. I have also signed up to an online Pilates class and will be starting this in February, so hope to share more in next months update.

At the end of January I had a lactate test done which gave me a new training plan working with heart rate zones. I am keen to see where this goes and will be putting this into place in February. 

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