Treads School shoes : our first impression

The girls were each gifted a pair of shoes in order for us to create this post. No other compensation was received. 

The end of term is insight. My children are tired and ready for a break, and whilst their uniform still fits them their school shoes on the other hand have seen better days. Every year is the same, in fact one year a £10 pair of shoes lasted a week. I have no idea what my children do to them but they don't seem to last

I have heard about Treads school shoes. They offer a variety of styles to match even the fussiest of school children and their shoes come with a 12 months indestructible guarantee. Now that is some claim to make. Delivery is free, returns are free and you can even try them for 30 days risk free. These are quite bold statements to make, I know my children and they simply destroy shoes so I was extremely interested to see what the Treads claim was all about.

Treads shoes are available from a 10.5 which means little man is still just a bit too young to own a pair, the girls however each received a pair to try. The girls both have very different tastes in shoes. My eldest likes Brogue style shoes. Ever since she learnt to fasten laces this has been the style she has gravitated towards. My youngest daughter prefers pretty patterns and velcro straps. She really does not like laces and prefers the convenience of straps but she also does not want them to look too childish. Both daughters needs were met and they picked the pair they liked to order.

Black shoe with laces

The 'Strobel' construction of Treads shoes means they are stronger and give additional flexibility, for active children like mine this is really important. They also have shock absorbing insoles, great for all the running my eldest does and are easy wipe clean which is perfect for my very messy youngest daughter. 

Treads shoes can be used with orthotic insoles and thanks to their dual fit technology the width of the shoe can be increased to fit those with need wider fitting shoes.

Black school shoes laid in box

The shoes arrived incredibly quickly, which is impressive given it is December and everything seems to take longer to arrive. The girls were keen to open the box and take a look at their shoes.  My eldest ordered the Montana and my youngest ordered Adelaide

Two black shoes stood on box

Both girls faces lit up and they were impressed with their shoes as was I. They look incredibly sturdy and well made. The insole feels soft and cushioned but with support and they look incredibly smart too. The girls are keen to try their shoes for school, but with this week to go they can wait until after Christmas to wear them. Start a new term with a new pair of shoes!

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