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We are currently in an unknown territory, the coronavirus has taken hold of the world and changed the way in which we live. Travel has stopped and we have been requested to stay at home. The right choice, the right decision. I for one cannot wait for all this to be over. For normality to return again. It doesn’t stop us dreaming though, dreaming of far away places. Dreaming of making memories. Dreaming of travel. Our favourite holiday aboard is the Disney Cruise. We love them and even though we will need to renew our ESTA for next year or for the next time we travel, this hasn’t stopped us planning our next adventure.

A little about the ESTA

An ESTA is valid for travel to and from the USA. We last went on a Disney cruise in 2019 which means when we travel again after this virus has settled down it is likely to be 2021. Given an ESTA has a two year validity we are going to need to apply for our ESTA again. The good news is that once you have your ESTA approved you can travel as many times as you like within that two year period without having to apply each time for another ESTA. 

Always check before you travel though that your ESTA is still in date. We have made the mistake of transit through America and not having a valid ESTA. Luckily we managed to fill the ESTA form in whilst waiting to check in and the approval was almost immediate. It was a rather lucky escape and stopped the meltdown of three children who wanted to go on holiday.

I have always done our ESTA application for the USA online. Make sure you have your passport to hand as you will need the information within it. The ESTA, once approved, will be valid for two years unless your passport expires in which case you will need to apply for another ESTA for your new passport.

Travel plans

I am currently watching the news and keeping my eye on the latest travel advice from the government. At the moment there seems to be no change and no end in sight. An unknown and unprecedented era has arrived. As soon as the ban is lifted I shall be booking our holiday.

We have been very fortunate to travel several times on board the Disney cruise line ships and were looking forward to sailing on their new ships once they arrive in the fleet. The destinations for these ships have not been released so it is an exciting wait to find out where they will be destined to travel to. 

Our favourite destination so far has been Mexico. Maybe because we visited over Halloween and got to learn so much about the Mexican culture. Perhaps it was the variety of beaches and environment, whatever it was we absolutely loved visiting there. The majority of Disney cruises sail from America. I have seen one that sails to New York and round Canada. I would love for us to do this.

For now I guess it is all just a dream. I would love to be sat on the beaches in Disney Castaway Cay again. Watching the fish swim through the crystal blue ocean. Feeling the warm sun on my skin. Instead for the foreseeable future I shall be thankful that we have a garden to play in and whilst the weather is no where near comparable to that of the Caribbean it is at least decent enough for the kids to play outside. As soon as the travel ban is lifted and life can return to normal I shall be filling out the ESTA application ready to start our adventures again. 

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