Active Family

My children have a different sporting activity every day of the week, and weekends for us are race days!  Running is my passion, and it is something that the girls are also developing a real love for.  On Saturday mornings I can be found either running or as a volunteer at my local parkrun and on Sunday mornings I can be found as a volunteer at Junior parkrun as both girls run.  We are there whatever the weather and we love the parkrun community and our running family.

Running has not always been such a huge part of my life, I started running in September 2014 and ran up to November 2015 when I had to stop due to some very serious injuries that could have lead to permanent disabilities.  I was 20 weeks pregnant at the time and had completed my first marathon two weeks prior.  In March 2016 my son was born and I could not wait to begin running again.  I had to wait until the all clear from physio and in August 2016 have begun running and joined a running club.  Whilst pregnant I competed in all race distances from 2K fun runs to marathon.

Why I run?

It is certainly true that once you get bitten by the running bug you find it hard to stop.  I am by no means the quickest, in fact one of the slowest but this is simply irrelevant to me.  I run because I love it.  I run because:

- I like to eat cake, and if I did not run I would simply spend all day eating cake
- It gives me freedom to think
- It clears my mind and helps me to unwind
- I get to meet some fantastic people
- It is my time for me

My Dreams

When I was younger I cannot remember anyone running.  I wanted to play football and cricket but school told me these were not sports played by girls.  They are sports I enjoy and to be told they are not 'for girls' was something that really stayed with me.  I want to show my children that there are no 'girls' sports or 'boys' sports.  Sport is sport and open for all regardless of gender.  I want to show them that women can get muddy, dirty, sweaty and still be women.  I want them to accept sport as a normality.  Most importantly I want them to develop a love for the outdoors and for the freedom this can bring.

I have of course dreams for my running, I want to travel the world, running in each country and have my family there to cheer me on or take part in fun runs.  My running bucket list is:

1. London Marathon
2. Disneyland Paris Half Marathon
3. Super Heroes half marathon
4. Star Wars Dark Side Half marathon
5. Disney Castaway Cay Challenge
6. Dopey challenge
7. Yorkshire Coast 10K
8. Brighton Marathon
9. Trail run in the Lake district
10. Run a race in Central Park NYC
11. Complete an Ultra marathon [perhaps just once and just because I like the challenge]
12. Istanbul marathon - simply to cross from Europe to Asia in one run!
13. Great Ocean Road Marathon
14. Rock n Roll Half marathon [ Booked for 2017]
15. The chocolate race - Canada
16. Cakeathon
17. Run a race at sunset
18. Run a race with my children [a non fun run]
19. Great North Run

Upcoming races and events

Our future races and events:

November 2016

5 - Morun Leeds 5K



14 Nostell Priory Night run


19 The Windmill 6


21 Nottingham 10K
27 5k Liverpool
28 Half Marathon Liverpool
28 1 mile fun run Liverpool


4 Ramathon
10 The School Run


9 Leeds 10K
16 Toss O' Coin


6 York 10K


10 Shepley 10k
24 Sheffield 10K
24 Fun Run Sheffield
30 Stairway to heaven


8 Yorkshire Marathon 

The dogs

J loves to run and explore and has accompanied me on many training runs,  He has completed the Yorkshire 3 peaks and is my faithful companion.  Spotty dog is still in training to overcome her fear of dogs so is unable to run at the moment.  I am currently looking into the canine running clubs available and hope to take the dogs with me on more runs.  

Past races

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