This is my own personal blog.  The words and images are my own unless otherwise stated.  Out of respect please do not copy any part of this blog without written permission first, I am likely to say yes but please ask.

This blog accepts sponsored post and pre written content.  This will be marked as either a featured post, sponsored post or pre written content.  I will not accept payment without marking a post as such.  Post may also be marked as guest posts or written by the author.  

I may write posts which include links to products, news articles or other sites.  These posts will have been paid for and should be treated as such.  I will however only do so for things I genuinely find of interest or feel is of interest to the readers of this blog.  Internal links are the obvious exception to this.

To my knowledge affiliate links have been removed, however if you stumble upon one please let me know so I can remove it.

This day I love also reviews products.  When a product has been received in exchange for review the post will be marked as such, by a statement at the bottom of the post.  I do occasionally review my own products if I feel they maybe of interest.

I am happy to review products and if you would like me to do so please contact me on thisdayilove@gmail.com, I promise that my reviews will be open and honest.

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