Baskets with wheels

I first came across baskets with wheels when I was pregnant with my youngest.  They were a life saver, heavily pregnant and carrying shopping did not appeal too much.  I know if I get a trolley for some reason I have to fill it regardless of what I need or how big the trolley is.  Why is this? so a basket that acts like a trolley fantastic, I spend lots less.

Now, however, baskets with wheels have a new purpose.  Yes they still enable me to spend less, but they also keep a 2 year old entertained.  My daughter loved it.  Today was the first time she refused to sit in a trolley so I thought why not I will get a basket with wheels and see what she thinks.  I only wanted a few things so it was ideal.

To her it was a trolley, she was pushing it round the aisles and filling it up.  I had to keep distracting her to put things back, as at one point I had a basket full of toothbrushes, not sure why.  She really enjoyed herself and was a little upset we had to return it at the end.

basket with wheels

This day I love Baskets with wheels.

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  1. I love them too!! when i have the pushchair and have to nip in somewhere just for a few bits i can still steer my pushchair and pull my basket behind :-) Bonus!

  2. Brilliant. Sometimes it's the small things that get you through!

    1. It really is, and its amazing what can keep their attention


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