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The very lovely Victoria over at Verily, Victoria, Vocalises,, kindly included me in this meme where you ask your child to draw how they see you.  My youngest would only eat a crayon if I asked her so I asked my two year old who loves to draw to draw a picture of Mummy, this is the result:

Mummy by my two year old daughter

I asked her to tell me as she drew what she was drawing.  She said I had one head [a good start], two arms and a nice jumper.  She also said I had a nice smile.  For a 2 year old I think she has done rather well.

I would now like to invite

to join in.

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  1. Thank you for tagging me in this :) I will ask them to draw me tomorrow and post it up! Olivia has just passed the eating the crayon phase so she should be able to join in this one! Such a lovely thing to ask them to do and great as a keepsake. I love this picture!


    1. you are welcome, looking forward to seeing your picture!

  2. I suspect I know what Lara's photo of me will look like. She currently has an obsession with belly buttons so it will be 90% belly button no doubt!

    1. looking forward to seeing the picture, and the 90% belly button!


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