A day full of decisions.  

My youngest today decided that rolling was not enough for her any more.  She has been rolling around to get to things for some time but today she decided to crawl.  At first she tried all 4's but decided that was too much like hard work so she has decided to army style crawl.  It is a rather cute crawl and she was rather happy that she can now get to her toys in the toy box and not just the ones I put out for her to play with.

My eldest goes to nursery today and usually when I drop her off she is not very happy but today she decided to say 'bye mummy come back soon' and waved at me.  When we came home she decided to go to bed as she was tired and normally getting her to sleep can be a struggle.

So here is my decision I had to think about what to write today as its been a very busy day and lots has happened.  From nursery, swimming, cooking dinner, crawling and playing.  It has taken me a while to write as I have wanted to capture the best part of the day and I think that was my decision to write this post in order to remember the busy day we have had.

This day I love decisions. 

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  1. Jam packed day eh? Decisions do help us get through the day.

    1. It was really busy, had a touch of writers block as well could not decide what to write


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