Battery, tree and ice cream

My youngest had a lie in this morning, which would have been great but my oldest was up at 4 am.  I decided to make the most of only having one up that early and sat in bed cuddling my eldest.  She then asked 'Mummy what are you doing'  I explained I was resting as I needed my energy for playing in the day.  She said ok and then got me the phone charger.  I asked her why she had brought me the phone charger and she rather calmly said ' No Mummy, its charge up Mummy Batteries for playing'. I had to laugh and give her a big cuddle.

We moved into our house earlier this year and one of the things I love so much about it is the outside space.  It backs onto trees and our neighbours either side each have a lovely Oak tree in their gardens.  Today one of the Oaks was due its dead wood removing and general tidy up.  When we went to get dressed upstairs my daughter could see through her bedroom a man in the tree which prompted the following questions:

'Why is there a man in the tree?'
'Why do we cut the tree?'
'Is the tree poorly?' [I think this is because I said he was cutting it]
'What's the man doing up there?'

Whilst trying to get washed I noticed we had no water, nothing came out the tap.  It transpired that there was a burst pipe in the village, just what you need with two small kids.  I have to say the water company were amazing and fetched us bottled water so that I could look after my daughters.  However this raised the following questions from my eldest:

'Where has the water gone Mummy?'
'Why does it not work Mummy?'
'Do we need more batteries for the water Mummy?'
'Can I fix it please Mummy?' [As she comes in with her play tool box, spanner, hammer and screw driver]

When we finally did get ready, we met up with my friend again for a late lunch.  We went to Yummy Yorkshire Ice cream and had some of my favourite ice cream.  We had a scoop of malted milk and a scoop of strawberry, my eldest really loved it but my youngest wasn't too keen.

ice cream face
yummy ice cream

I really enjoy Yummy Yorkshire ice cream so we came home with a tub of Dandelion & Burdock Flavour, I can't wait to try it.  

When we cam home the water was back on, my daughter was pleased.  The tree man had gone, although this prompted several questions as to where he had gone and after yet another busy day I can't wait to recharge my batteries with my Yummy Yorkshire Ice cream.

This day I love Battery, tree and ice cream.

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  1. Got to have a tub of ice-cream at the end of a long day! If only we could recharge ourselves on the phone!

    1. It made me laugh ever so much, not even sure why the phone charger? Ice cream was 100% the way to go!

  2. Children can ask relentless amounts of questions can't they! The ice-cream sounds like the perfect distraction! x

    1. It was the thought process behind the questions that impressed me, especially with the water and trying to fix it


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