Rainy day fun

Whilst outside it might be a horrible rainy day, inside we have had loads of fun.  The girls and I finished all our shopping and odd jobs yesterday.  Only things remaining on Christmas list is a clean and tidy of the house, the scheduling of this keeps moving on a daily basis.  

We visited some good friends of ours today and the girls had a good play.  When we returned home we decided to break out the paints.  My eldest had so much fun painting but then decided to eat the paint.  When I asked her why, she simply replied, 'because its chocolate Mummy'


I do see her point it does look like chocolate.  I had to explain that it was not chocolate and we should not eat paint.  At which I got this face

Sad Face

After painting I put on 'The Grinch' as a Christmas film for the girls to watch so I could clear up the paints.  I wanted to capture how still she sat watching it with her doll as this rarely happens

Watching film

She really enjoyed the film and kept talking about the dog who was dressed up as a reindeer.  This then prompted the question of our dog dressing up as a reindeer.  To which our dog gave a look of don't even think it and walked away.

The best part of rainy day fun is playing indoors.  The girls and I did row row your boat and played other games together.  Its quite hard to take a picture of row row your boat, the best I got was this:

row row your boat

We have had such a lovely day visiting friends, painting, watching Christmas films and most of all playing together.  We did want to bake a cake too but the girls were so tired we have saved this for tomorrow.

This day I love rainy day fun.

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  1. The pictures are all great! We watched the cartoon version last night of The Grinch. I'd only seen the Jim Carey version up til then. I really liked it!

    Merry Christmas!

    1. not seen that one I dont think, only Jim Carey one. Does it vary much?

  2. You are a genius mother! Even if you don't let her eat paint!

    1. Thanks. I let her eat the icing paint so its not all paint


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