My eldest has never been good at going to sleep.  Once asleep she's fine but getting her to go can be a nightmare.  Its always been the same since she was a few weeks old.  I have read numerous books, signed up to hundreds of sites and tried everything from controlled crying, PUPD, kissing games and rewards.  Nothing seems to work.  I don't even remember the last time she had a day nap. 

Its strange because she is never tired just one of those children that does not need as much sleep.  I on the other had love sleep.  So bed time for me is usually very stressful as I sit in her room with her waiting for her to fall asleep.  Up until recently I enjoyed this time together having a cuddle as she falls asleep, it only took at the most 10 mins, now average time is 3 hours.  

I am not sure what happened tonight though, everything was the same,  same routine and same time only she got in bed and went to sleep of her own accord.  I did not need to sit with her in her room.  I am to say shocked and expecting her to wake at any moment. 

My darling girl this is for you, I am ever so proud of you tonight for going to sleep in your own bed.  I missed our cuddle ever so much.  I hope you have sweet dreams and we will play together in the morning.  Love you sweetheart.

This day I love sleep.

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  1. Awww... I love this post. It reminds me of the early days with my son when I had to so very slowly lower him to the lasted months and months and months. And then, he got it. And I missed him needing me like that. Thanks so much for the post! My Google ID is messed up right now so you know, it's Kristi from commenting.
    I love your blog :)

    1. Glad I brought back some happy memories. Ive been watching the ninee today and thought of you

  2. Wow, you DID have a busy day I guess. Busy, but fun :)


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