Towers and Fish

Both girls are still feeling a little poorly, and with the weather rubbish I thought a day at home playing with all the new toys and watching DVD was in order.  

We played lots of games together.  My youngest has a bop and roll toy, where you use the hammer to knock balls through a hole and watch them slide down the ramp, she absolutely loves this.  My eldest spent ages playing with a peg farm and we built a tall tower from all the animal pegs.


This was the look on my youngest face just before attempting to grab/knock down the tower my eldest was building.  After the tower incident my eldest wanted to do some painting and sticking so I gave her a fish cutout, some glue, tissue paper and a sticky eye, and she went on to glue and stick paper onto the fish.  

glue and stickSticky fish

We have had a lovely day playing together and I even managed to tidy up downstairs and put away their presents.

This day I love Towers and Fish.

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